The Nykolai Cunningham Foundation supports orphans in Ukraine by helping to get them hosted and/or adopted. Currently, there are approximately 100,000 orphans in Ukraine who will age out of the system around the age of 16. They will essentially be on the streets with no skills, no support and no family. Many turn to drugs, alcohol and violence. Their futures are very bleak.

Ukraine orphans are near and dear to our hearts. We adopted our son Nykolai ("Kolya") from and orphanage in 2013 at the age of 11. We hosted him twice before he became legally available for adoption.

We lost Kolya in 2017 in a tragic ATV accident.

Kolya was the love of our life. He brought so much fun, love and happiness to everyone he met. He changed people. Kolya, known as Nick to friends and classmates, had a special spark and zest for life. That spark will stay forever in those who knew and loved him. He had overcome so much and had found a way to be happy and to thrive.

Nick had a huge impact of family, friends, coaches and teachers. As his reading teacher, Miss Passaro wrote, "Thank you for giving me the chance to know someone who was truly a good person, someone who changed my life. As years go by I know that Nick will always be one of my favorites and that his genuine spirit will remain with me forever. Nick was half my age, yet he taight me so much about my life, what it meant to actually live it. For that and so much more I am eternally grateful for having known your son.

We will honor Koy's spirit and love of life by helping others as he loved to do. Thank you for supporting our son's memory by helping the orphans of Ukraine.

Mama, Papa, Kolya, Gita ~ Forever ~ One Adine Family

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